Basel Mission and Isolation Hospital

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 00:34

This is a picture from an old slide series illustrating the Basel Mission`s work in Hong Kong an Southern China among the Hakka. (There is a clearer copy on the USC website; but I love my rusty old slide reel.) Western Street runs down the hill. The building to the right is the little Isolation Hospital for Plague Patients, which was located opposite the old Basel Mission House. So this picture is about 1905. The first Mission House was built in 1861 by Rudolph Lechler between High Street and Third Street. Nowadays the appartment building at the spot: "Lechler Court" reminds us of the original Mission House.

The Basel Mission had different buildings in Hong Kong, among them a Girls´ School and a recreation home.

Today there is a "Basel Road" in Shau Kei Wan where one of the old buildings stood - now "Shau Kei Wan Tsung Tsin Church".

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Thanks Christoph, that's a good view. I can see St Peter's in the distance too.

In the centre foreground, there's an empty space (roughly where Kau Yan church is today). Had a building just been demolished there?

Regards, David