Tsim-Sha-Tsui Peking Road

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HKG 1960s Mike's photos

Date picture taken
4 Apr 1968


this is peking road, parallel but further south to haiphong.  the large bulding on the left (corner of hankow) was j hotung house now gone

This could be taken at Hankow Road looking towards the south.  The high-rise is now called "Hankow Centre" and the low-rise in the photo's forefront is now Sands Building/Hanyee Building (17, 19-21 Hankow Road)?

I've changed the title from Haiphong Road to Peking Road.

The big building on the left (J-Hotung House) is still with us, but has changed its name to Hankow Centre at some point.

And I think the little patch of red in the lower left corner is the Lindy's sign that Vanessa pointed out previously:


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Just trying to get my directions organized. I maybe wrong but I had thought the road in the foreground was Hankow Road looking south and J Hotung House was on the left. Peking Road would run perpendicularly in between the two tall buildings.

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I believe it was Peking Road in the foreground.  If the photographer was standing on Hankow Road, the junction of Peking Road should clearly be seen.  Would it be the case that the section of Ashley Road running along Hankow Centre does not exist yet back then and the shophouses ran along the whole length of Peking road between Hankow Road and the Water Police HQ?

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I think this is HaiPhong road...looking towards Nathan Rd.These old buildings were some of the last to be pulled down in TST.To the left,out of shot,would be the flower market backing onto Whitfield Barracks as was.


This is taken looking east along Peking Road. The three tall buildings seen at the back are all still there.

I guess Mike took this from where #1 Peking Road stands today. When was Kowloon Park Drive built? Most of these buildings would have been demolished for KPD and the sitting out area that is there now?

As a matter of fact on one of my first trips to HK in the mid 90's there were still some of those shophouses left before they made way for  #1 Peking Road.


Googleview today: https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en-GB&ll=22.296264,114.170356&spn=0.001…