1920s Junction of Queen's Road Central and Pedder Street

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:44
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No, I don't think it's Duddell Street. The building on the right behind the policemen is the China Building (we don't have another photo showing it from this angle, but the column design matches that on other sections of the building we can see).

On the far side of Queen's Road, the car is at the junction with Wyndham Street. The three-story building behind the car is the old Hong Kong Club building.

Regards, David

BIG Thanks David!

Back in my mind, the external form of Old HK Club was a white 2-storeys building (see below link) until demolished.  However, when I studied what you wrote above, I figured out the color of the building faded out seriously and the roof had been re-structured at the later time!!


< The 6th last Pic : The First HK Club 1864>


Yes, the building alterations make it confusing. When a reader first pointed out we could see the old Club building, I thought it was the lighter building in the background. I had to check a map to see my mistake.

Regards, David