1924 Map of Central & Western

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:18

Click here to see a copy of this map overlayed on a present-day map of Hong Kong, with markers for all the Places we've got more information about.

The map appeared in "Hong Kong, A Brief History and Guide of Hongkong and the New Territories", published by Kelly & Walsh, Ltd in 1924. There's a copy available in the local Royal Asiatic Society's library.

It appears that Kelly & Walsh licensed a copy of the map 'Plan of the City of Victoria", prepared in London by Stanfords (cf. an 1889 version of the same map shown in Plate 3-2, Mapping Hong Kong).

Date picture taken


Wah Yan College (Hong Kong), founded by Peter Tsui, commenced on16th December 1919 at No.60 Hollywood Road (still standing today).  It quickly expanded to No.54A Peel Street and No.33 Mosque Junction.  The school consolidated its premises at the old St. Joseph's College at No.2 Robinson Road in 1921.

I wonder what is the location and if there is a picture of No.33 Mosque Junction in 1920.