1950s Map of Mount Kellett

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 21:53

[2015-04-27 Update: GW notes this likely dates from mid-50s, not 1938 as noted on the map (see http://gwulo.com/comment/31453#comment-31453). I've changed the title and date accordingly.]

Portion of a map of the Peak District. Copy available from Survey & Mapping Office, their ref: HG36.

Date picture taken


This map and the one at www.gwulo.com/atom/15669 are extracts from a larger map entitled "Road Map of The Peak District". I have a copy of the original. It doesn't have a date printed on it, but "1938" has been handwritten in the margin. Until today I'd assumed that 1938 was the year of its production or publication, but I've just realized it must have been significantly later.

Obvious discrepancies between the map and the year 1938 include;

1. Mount Austin Mansions is marked. It was built on the site of Mount Austin Barracks which stood until at least 1947, www.gwulo.com/node/3689.

2. No. 10 & 11 The Peak is not marked. The building was partly demolished in 1941 and probably fully cleared shortly after the war, www.gwulo.com/node/9536.

3. Peak Church is labeled "Peak Church Site", implying the building was no longer standing. It was badly damaged in 1941, never repaired and demolished in 1958, www.gwulo.com/peak-church-chapel.

4. Peak School is marked in two locations, one its present day site and the other in the building which is now Peak Fire Station. At www.gwulo.com/peak-school Davids post of 27-3-2012 informs us that Peak School operated at these two sites from 1954 for a few years.

5. Peak Road is labeled Stubbs Road, Mount Austin Road as Peak Road, Old Peak Road as Peak Road and Peel Rise as Aberdeen Road. Moddseys post of 23-4-2014 at www.gwulo.com/atom/13017 says the name changes took place on 1st September 1960.

The map probably contains many more clues from which it should be possible to date it accurately, but based on the above I'd say it dates from the mid 1950's.