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Another private collection. I'm not familiar with the Peak.

Could someone advise the earliest year and latest year of this photo, as well as the name of each building highlighted?

I believe this photo should be taken around c1887 although railway can be seen from the photo.


Date picture taken
1889 (year is approximate)


You can add this photo to "places'

"the Eyrie" - 7 (and it's Belvedere


- 6)

#6 Police Station - 2

Haystack - 3


I think

Bishop's Lodge - 5

Merion - 4

Signalmans House - 9


Peak Tram makes it after 1888 - and the fact that we cannot see the Mt. Austin Hotel - means it is pre 1895.




The Peak today, a similar view taken from Severn Road, for comparison.  No doubt, 6 (Belvedere), 7 (The Eyrie), 8 (Weather Station) and 9 (Signalman's house) together with the Flagstaff further right in your photo are within the peak radio station today.



The Peak

Near the top right-hand corner, the house numbered 4 has already been identified as "Tor Crest". Just above it are the vacant sites where "Bahar Lodge" and "Meirion" would soon appear. Both sites were auctioned on 2nd July 1888.

Upon completion both houses would be clearly visible on the bare hillside, but the photo shows no evidence of either building, only that the sites had been cleared and levelled. Therefore, actual building hadn't yet started or was in its early stages.

On 17th April 1890, "Bahar Lodge" was advertised for rent, suggesting it was already complete. Assuming construction of the building was completed in April 1890 at the latest, and had taken at least a few months, the new building would have been visible in the photo if it had been taken in January 1890 or later.

Therefore, this photo was taken at some time from late 1888 (site auction date + time required for site clearance and levelling) to late 1889 (latest time "Bahar Lodge" would not be visible).