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Signalman's House [????-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists

I asked what the building on the right was in this c.1874 photo:

Peak Signal Station - Flagstaff
Peak Signal Station - Flagstaff, by Admin

Moddsey replied:

The 1874 list of Crown Property (Building) indicates that quarters were provided for staff (2 European signalmen and 2 Chinese assistants) at the Peak Signal Station. Perhaps the building on the right served the purpose of staff accommodation for signalmen from the Harbour Master's Office.

CM adds:

The building on the right was labelled by Annelisec as the "Signalman's House" (

The photographer was on the highest point of the Peak when they took this. I've marked the approximate location on the map. I see there's a building on roughly the same site today. I wonder if any signs of the original building remain, eg the foundations?

Photos that show this place


The heighest point of the peak was likely occupied by the meteorological station at the time of the 1874 typhoon as weather records could be traceable back to 1860.  Please see previous posts at: