1910s Former Bowen Road British Military Hospital

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:17
Date picture taken


Hello Moddsey,

I'm hoping to put together some photographs of HK for the book "The Farthest East" that I'm writing about the War Years and my parents incarceration in Stanley Camp. I see that a number of the photos (15 or so) were submitted by you. Should I list them here or contact you through email?  Many thanks. Robert


The construction in the center near bottom is interesting. Was it possible that it was a structure for building the terrace of Braeside which was yet to be built when the photo was taken?



Does anybody know if the BMH was on Bowen Road during the Fall of Hong Kong? In his War Diary my father mentioned that he drove to a hospital on the Peak with a badly wounded indian police colleague pursued by a Japanese Zero fighter plane. Thanks. Robert