Braeside - 20 MacDonnell Road [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Braeside - 20 MacDonnell Road [????- ]

Owned by Sir Poshan Wei Yuk.

"Mr. Wei Yuk's handsome marble residence (to say palace would be no misnomer), which is called Braeside. The explanation for this name is that Mr. Wei Yuk learned his English (which he speaks exquisitely) in Edinburgh, from whose university he was graduated, having been the first Chinese child ever sent out of China to be educated. His house is very English in its appointments, and there are apartments truly Chinese, but we saw only the drawingand dining-room, which were very English indeed. There were present besides the host and hostess their two daughters, two sons, a niece, Mrs. Wei Yuk's brother and brother-in-law, and a few English and Americans. Mrs. Wei Yuk spoke no English, but was very gracious and charming and entirely without the reserve I had expected to find in a native Chinese."


Smiling 'round the World (Google eBook)

Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1908

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