Hongkong Club & Queen Victoria's statue

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:49

I bought this in the UK last month. The back of the postcard says the publisher was Daibutsu, Hongkong.

Any estimates on a date?

The 1889 map shows it as projected, so the photo was taken after that. The statue is in place on a 1911 map,  so it could be before or after that.

UPDATE: Moddsey says sometime during the 1910's is most likely, " as the Legco (former supreme court) [visible on the right edge of the postcard] was built in 1912".

Date picture taken


Hi,  If this helps any, I can date the statues on show. 

The one furthest right on the pedestal was unveiled as George, Prince of Wales (Later King George V) on 6 February 1907 by the visiting Duke of Connaught.  The one on the left in the foreground was unveiled as Princess Mary of Wales (later Queen Mary) on 25 November 1909 by Lord Lugard.  Queen Victoria's statue was of course unveiled 28 May 1896 by Sir William Robinson.  There were no more statues built and unveiled until 1923.  So as Moddesy says Legco was built in 1912, and there's no evidence of  building work or tidying up after building in the picture, then 1915 is as close as you'll get I think.

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