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Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:16

Can anyone name these flats...Stewart Terrace?

Date picture taken
1 Jun 1961


Hi Mike,

You're right, it is Stewart Terrace. I've flipped the photo horizontally to get them facing the right way. Here's a very similar view taken when the original Stewart Terrace was still standing:

I've deleted one photo you've posted labelled "Sai Kung". It's a duplicate of this one you'd posted earlier:

I'm enjoying looking through this latest batch of photos, thanks very much for scanning & posting them. It's definitely indoors work - does it mean that the UK's good summer weather has come to an end?

Regards, David

David,thanks for removing the duplicate,I realised afterwards that it was a repeat.The mud slides could well be Dumbarton Rd but im not sure..can't remember that far back!I will check on more names for the Castle Peak beaches as Martin is over here on hols and he mentioned other beaches when seeing the photo.Yes,it was chucking down with rain,so i got the scanner out.

Regards Mike

I think these flats are La Hacienda which you reached by turning left down the steep drive ust past Peak Pavillions on Mt Kellett Road.

Love this site and am spending hours trawling through photos of HK! This is a great photo of our house at 88 Peak Road, on the skyline behind Stewart Terrace, and on the drive up to the Peak Police Station. We lived there from around 1970-1976. The Archers lived in the other house on the right. Both houses are long gone now and I believe there are around 6 townhouses on the site now. I'm sure my parents were told that Japanese officers used it during the war and maybe interrogated prisoners there. There was an above-ground cellar with big rooms (along with servants' quarters) below the house which was all on one floor, and I had a great party down there in 1971 while parents were away, which resulted in noise complaints from as far away as Pollocks Path! This view shows the back of the house - from the big windows at the front the view looked down Peak Road past the flats at Mt Nicholson and beyond.  I remember Ah Kuen running up the drive to get police officers  to come and kill a big black snake slithering round our garden, which they then took away in a plastic bag.

Was yours the house with the pitched roof in the photo above? For more info & photos please see the pages for Cheltondale at and

The building on the right with the flat roof, Slemish, has pages at and

If you have any photos of 1970s Hong Kong you can add, we'll enjoy seeing them!