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Stewart Terrace (2nd generation) [1949- ]

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I recently heard from someone who owned a flat in Stewart Terrace, that it was purpose built as the Jardine's Mess (Bachelor quarters) and for BOAC.  There were "butler" quarters in the back.  Jardine's sold it in 1988 and it was divided into flats.

It has working fireplaces and high ceilings.


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The original Stewart Terrace was left in bad shape after the war, hence the rebuilding. It was actually Jardine's digs for married couples; my parents lived there when childfree, but once I was in utero Jardine's moved us up to Hillside on Bluff Path. Later I went to a preschool, Nakura, that occupied one of the larger flats at Stewart Terrace and had turned the veranda into a sandpit. Last time I visited, Nakura had moved on and another preschool had opened in a different flat. Nakura was great fun, despite the high density. I can't imagine anyone getting planning permission to run a preschool in a flat in Australia, where I now live.

I lived in the first floor flat in the end block of Stewart Terrace (nearest to Dodwell Mansions) between 1962-1966.  It wasn't restricted to Jardines employees then as my father was in Government service.  There was a shortage of quarters for Goverment staff as in both 1962 and in 1967 when we had to live in hotels for several months before flats were found for us.  I aslo attended the pre-school nursery in the next block up in Stewart Terrace, before moving on to Little Peak School, a short stroll away, via a playground.  I also remember "scrumping" very sour tangerines from trees growing in Ho Tung Gardens.

Jonathan Roberts

For what it is worth, I lived in Dodwell Mansions in the early 1970s and I can vouch that some of the Stewart Terrace flats were used as bachelor flats as were the two ground floor flats in Dodwell Mansions. Dodwell Mansions had three or four garages at the rear which were only accessible via Stewart terrace.

I know Stewart Terrace was used for BOAC crew as my Dad was flying for them at the time.I was born there in 1949 but obviously cant remember anything of the place!

Nakura is now renamed or had become the Woodland the Peak Pre School where my daughter also went there in 1998/99. Ironically I am now handling the Compulsory Sale of the Terrace which will soon be redeveloped,

Slightly off topic, but has the redevelopment of Dodwell Mansions into luxury townhouses been completed yet?

Anyone has the idea how its Chinese name was derived from? It might refer to Ten Buildings/Ten Flats/Ten Blocks ... something like that. People are wondering if there used to be ten houses ... etc.

The Chinese name for Stewart Terrace is Ten Houses 十間屋 meaning what it means: the 10 houses, i.e. Ten self-contained two-storey blocks.

Please refer to this latest Judgement  LDCS 25000/2018
[2021] HKLdT 27 of the Lands Tribunal in May of this year (2021) in which I was involved as the Lead Counsel for an opposing party and explained briefly its Chinese name and where did it come from.


Thanks for the information.

Should I search in this website with "LDCS 25000/2018[2021] HKLdT 27" as keywords?