Cheltondale [????-????]

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LegCo, 1920

And now I come to my second ground of
undesirability which I consider most important, and
that is the question of safety of the children living at
Magazine Gap and the Peak. The proposed route of
the [new motor] road lies through Magazine Gap itself, and thence
along the Craigmin Road to Craigmin West, and
subsequently it has to squeeze its way through the
small gap between "Cheltondale" and "Balgownie"
and then to run for some distance along the present
road past the Peak Church, which road is the approach
to the Peak school for all children going to that school
from any house to the east of that school. And the
question which I wish to put is this: Why should we
wantonly and unnecessarily introduce a new danger
for children living at Magazine Gap and the Peak by
building such a road?