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Prints of Gwulo's photos, framed or unframed

If you'd like to buy a print of an old Hong Kong photo as a gift or to decorate your home or office, please browse through the catalogue to see the photos we have available, then contact me at to let me know:

  • which photos you like,
  • the size of print you prefer (Standard is 10x8, large is 15x12", extra-large is 20x16", with custom enlargements also available),
  • if you'd like them framed or unframed, and
  • where you'd like the prints delivered to

I'll reply with all the details.


XXL-sized Gwulo photo
David with a 1-metre-wide custom enlargement of a 1930 panorama


Customer feedback:

  • With the purchase of a condo in Thailand, I had a large, blank wall that needed filling.   An idea gradually unfolded:  why not display historical black and white photos of HK.  After all, my wife and I have lived and worked in the territory for some 20 years and are rather attached to the place.  After some research it seemed to me that David Bellis had the best readily available selection from which to choose.  With his help and guidance, I selected around 30 for printing at sizes varying from 24x10 and 20x16 through 15 and down to 10 inches.  A few weeks later, we met up for a personal delivery of the prints on high quality 310gsm archival photo rag paper.  These I supplemented with a small number of additional prints from various other sources. 

    Gwulo prints on display

    The next step was to hand carry them to Thailand for framing by a local framer.  In the event, I finally chose 24 of the combined set for display.  What a fabulous result.  All are attached to the wall with 3M Command Strips.David is a delight to deal with and offers a truly excellent service.  His Gwulo website is jam-packed full of fascinating historical facts about the scenes depicted.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.
    Mike W, Hong Kong, 2018

  • Of the many great photo's on the Gwulo web, the one of the Cenotaph from the 1920's stood out for me.  Having ordered a large size print (28 X 22 inches), I was particularly impressed with its clarity, which I'm told is due to the huge plates that would have been used to take the original analogue shot.  Delivery turnaround time was very good too.
    DE, Hong Kong 2017

  • David responded to my order quickly and within a week they were ready. All round a very good service and the prints were excellent.
    John H, Hong Kong, 2016

  • Ordering from Gwulo couldn't be easier or more friendly with a personal service provided by David who replied to my email within hours and even hand delivered the photograph to me in order to speed up the process knowing I was in a rush to get it framed in time for a friend’s wedding the very next week. I couldn't be happier with both the efficiency and the fine quality of the print itself.
    Sebastian Fahey, Hong Kong, 2016

  • We've just received the print and we love it!! Thank-you so much, it is perfect. We never would have found it on our own.
    Karen Mc, Hong Kong, 2016

  • Thank you so much for the photos.  Here's how they look after framing:

    Framed photo

    This one is on the wall at my wife's desk.
    Dr. Alec Cooper, Canada, 2016



1901. People & boats along the new Praya
1901. People & boats along the new Praya



Digital copies for commercial projects

You've seen Gwulo's photos around Hong Kong already, as they've been used in advertisements, books, exhibitions, interior design for offices and restaurants, etc.

Our photos have been carefully scanned at high-resolution, then digitally restored and made available as 16/48-bit images in Photoshop format to give you full flexibility in how you use them. TIFF and JPEG formats are also available if you prefer.

Please browse through the catalogue to see which images are suitable, then contact me at to let me know which photographs you're interested in and how you plan to use them in your project. I'll let you know how I can help.



1923 Unveiling the Cenotaph
1923 Unveiling the Cenotaph




1920s Nathan Road
1920s Nathan Road



The existence of the 5 volumes of Old Hong Kong Photos and The Tales They Tell came to my attention on Facebook via the Hong Kong - The Past page. I jumped on the website and ordered the books less than a week ago and they were delivered this morning!! So speedy and the books arrived in impeccable condition.

Each book and the photos are most beautifully produced to the highest quality. They worth every single penny!  In the fast changing world and the Hong Kong I knew disappearing fast, to have a glimpse into the old Hong Kong before I was even born keeps Hong Kong alive in my heart.

@jenchou, thank you for letting me know the books have arrived safely, and I am very pleased to hear that you are happy with the photo quality. When you have some time to look more closely, I hope you enjoy the stories too!

Best regards, David