Fanling Babies' Home - Christian Children's Fund Visit

Mon, 02/20/2023 - 21:45

I think this is a press photograph. It gives a rare view of the FBH gardens and one of the single storey buildings on the plot.  Also one or two key people from the Christian Children's Fund* charity. Lucy Clay (Superintendent from 1950) is hosting.  The names I have been given are

(L to R) Front: Mrs Mills, Mrs Clarke, Miss Clay.

Behind:  Dr Clarke and Mr Mills.

After initial uncertainty, I've now established who these figures are.  With Lucy Clay we have Dr and Mrs J Calvitt Clarke, founder of China's Children Fund (USA); together with Dr Verent and Mrs Alma Mills, CCF's Overseas Director from 1950, who was based in Hong Kong until 1958

China's Children Fund assisted in the support of the home from its outset in 1940 and took over fully in 1950.

That would give us a date for the pic of sometime in the 1950s, of which 1952 would seem a very good candidate.  (see newspaper clip below)

* China's Children Fund became Christian Children's Fund in 1951.


Date picture taken


I'm just wondering if both single storey buildings are in the picture?

Edit:  Sorry no it's a balustrade.

I think this is Dr Verent Mills and his wife Alma.  I shall do a piece on him as he was in HK for some years.

I can't help with the ID of the people, but have uploaded a couple of images of the home that may or may not help with identifying the buildings.

Fanling Babies Home 1963 aerial image
Fanling Babies Home 1963 aerial image, by philk
Fanling Babies Home map (1970)
Fanling Babies Home map (1970), by philk

You might also be interested on the few times it appeared on film as well. Such as in 1967 (link) and in a plethora of local films during the 80s (link).

Great finds Phil, thank you! It all looks very symmetrical. And it all adds to one's knowledge.  That 1967 link shows the structure at the front of the house is a loggia, where my photo (below) was taken.  I was wondering what that was.  The 80s link I am familiar with.  Thanks again.

Fanling the loggia
Fanling the loggia, by Aldi

On the right is certainly Lucy Clay, who I knew between 1948 and 1951. She was the assistant to Miss Mildred Dibden, and like Mildred, a very dedicated person. She was, I'm pretty sure, a trained nurse, and in this photo is dressed accordingly.

According to the Hong Kong Telegraph Dr Selwyn Clarke was appointed Governship of the Seychelles in April 1947 end left Hong Kong later in July.

Dr Selwyn Clarke
Dr Selwyn Clarke, by Paulo
Dr Selwyn Clarke
Dr Selwyn Clarke, by Paulo

May 17th, 1952:

1952 Dr. and Mrs. J Calvitt Clarke, founders of China's Children Fund (USA), make trip to Hong Kong
1952 Dr. and Mrs. J Calvitt Clarke, founders of China's Children Fund (USA), make trip to Hong Kong, by Alan Ho

According to an information in the "Overseas Chinese Daily News" on May 18th, 1952, Dr. and Mrs. J Calvitt Clarke arrived in Hong Kong from overseas.

Great find Alan Ho!  The ladies' outfits and handbags would appear a very good match to the original pic.  Thank you. (And being after 1951 we now have to call it Christian Children's Fund!)