Pasig/Po Tak Wharf [1900-c.1958]

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This wharf was opposite Cleverly Street on Connaught Road. It appears first on the 1901.3 map on The Public Works Report for 1899 refers: 

The Tai On Steam-ship Company are new erecting a permanent timber wharf at the foot of Cleverly Street.

Opened probably in 1900. Although the name Pasig does not apeear, quite likely this is the pier mentioned in the report.

On the 1945 map on Gwulo it's name is given as Po Tak Wharf. This pier is at the place where the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Wharf (third generation) [c.1959-c.1985] was built on reclaimed land, so it was demolished approximately in 1958.



Photos that show this Place


According to Howard Dick's ship history research in the "Canton River Steam Vessels to 1889" list published in the South China section of, the steamer PASIG operated in Hong Kong and on the Canton River from June 1886 until August 1898. Therefore, it would be reasonable to assume the 'Pasig Wharf' was already in use in by the end of that period. 

Thank you Stephen for this information. Obviously, there was an earlier pier for Canton steamers including Pasig. In this area (Sheung Wan)  the reclamation project was finished around 1866 - the pier for the Canton steamers would have been built after that date. The location of this pier is not known.

Around 1900, the next reclamation phase ended, and at this time "new" Pasig Wharf was built.