Tai Koo Sugar staff housing [c.1924-????]

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Housing for staff of the nearby Tai Koo Sugar Refinery. It is clear to see on the 1952 map.

I've put c.1924 as the completion date, because this 1924 photo shows the east & centre blocks (N and O on the photo) were already completed, but the west block (labelled P) was still under construction.

Notes from exhker:

I was living there from 1950-1961 , then  moved to the new buildings (Tai Koo New Village) were build behind  the Tai Koo Chinese School ( see in the upper of the photo). There were two streets (East and West ), the street in photo was called Quarry Bay West street.  I lived in Quarry Bay Tai Koo New Village ( and the old village) from 1950 -1969 . 

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One of Warren Swire's photos from 1919 is titled "Taikoo Sugar Refinery Village" and shows houses along the side of the road:

Taikoo Sugar Refinery Village
Taikoo Sugar Refinery Village, by G Warren Swire


Item 120.a in the 1923 PWD Annual Report talks about widening the road and waiting for the land occupied by the houses, so I think this road-widening project is the reason the old staff quarters were demolished, and the new quarters were built at East and West streets.