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Tai Koo Staff Qurters

Tai Koo Staff Qurters

Any thoughts?

Thanks to everyone for identifying the location.  I've changed the title and linked the image to the map.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1953


This looks more like the Tai Koo Dockyard workers housing to me


That is possible, and the thought did cross my mind when I looked at Peter's caption.  However, one or two images in Ewart Hunt's gallery show theTai Koo Dockyard workers' housing blocks with several tall arched windows, but this one in Peter's gallery does not show them.   Did the blocks vary in architectural style?  Andrew

This was the Tai Koo Sugar factory staff housing building  , I was living there from 1950-1961 , then  moved to the new buildings (Tai Koo New Village) were build behind  the Tai Koo Chinese School ( see in the upper  of the photo). There were two streets (East and West ), the street in photo was called Quarry Bay West street.  I lived in Quarry Bay Tai Koo New Village ( and the old village) from 1950 -1969 . The Tai Koo Dock Yard staff were living at Sai Wan Ho near the Dock Yard same type of buildings .

Thanks for people shared those photos . 

These streets and housing were tucked away to the east of the base of Mount Parker Road. As it was near Quarry Bay School, I used to be adventurous and wandered around. The scene above is how I remember it.

I've made a new Place page for the Tai Koo Sugar staff housing: https://gwulo.com/node/44633