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Lewis BUSH [????-????]



Is this the same Lewis Bush who apparently (according to Wikipedia) had a Japanese wife, and was used as a translator by the Japanese Army? Apparently negotiating the surrender at Little Hong Kong.

Yes, he was the man with the Japanese wife. If you click "What links here" above, you'll see a couple of pages that mention his wife.


Lewis Bush served on MTB 08 as No1 under Lt Kilbee HKRNVR. Lewis spoke fluent Japanese and had a Japanese wife, Kaneko whom he called Kane. He had been a teacher in Japan..There is a photo of Sub-Lt Bush on my site at www.hongkongescape.org/Bush.htm Lewis was the author of two books detailing his activities in Hong Kong and beyond, He was also featured in the the acclaimed documentary "The World at War" 

Lewes remained in Aberdeen when the 2nd MTB Flotilla escaped with Admiral Chan Chak on Christmas Day and liased with the Japanese for the surrender of Aberdeen. Lewis, along with his wife Kane were interrogated as spies by the Japanese and in late January 1942 Lewis was sent to the civilian camp at Stanley where he remained until March 1943 when he was taken to Samshuipo camp, Kowloon, and put in charge of the Naval unit. Lewis was not there long as he was sent to Japan on the Manryu Maru with a draft of 300 Canadian and 200 imperial POWs sailing on  August 15th 1943. They arrived at Osaka on September 1st 1943. All survived the voyage. Following the Japanese surrender in 1945 Lewis remained in Japan and was a columnist for "The Japanese Times"