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ARP Tunnel Network 02, 'Arsenal Street Network' [????- ]

Network 2 runs back into the hillside behind the junction of Queensway, Queen's Rd East, and Hennessy Rd.

It has three portals. From west to east they are portals 50, 51 and 52 respectively. The portals are still clearly visible today. #51 is bricked up, but #50 and #52 have (locked) grey metal doors for access.

Information about this network has been removed from the public records at the Civil Engineering Library, probably because it runs under land that was used by the British Army, and is now used by the PLA.

Moddsey notes that this network was completed in August 1941.

Photos that show this place


Gweipo left a note:

I noticed yesterday and today that the tunnels on QRE between PP1 and PP3 are open - they seem to be doing some work on them... you may want to try and take a sneak peek...

Luckily Raymond Lo had noticed it too, and got a photo of each of the opened tunnels. They both look to be in good condition:

Looking into ARP network 2

Though this one had flooded, and they're pumping out water:

Looking into ARP network 2

Thanks to you both,


Before there were tunnels.

1930s Queensway and Queen's Road East

This network is named as "Network No.2 Queen's Road East - West" in government documents.
There're a total of 5 portals originally.

Thanks for the extra information. Please do you know where the other two portals were located, and their numbers?

Regards, David

Other than the three portals on Queen's Road East, there're two other portals on Monmouth Path. One is situated to the left of the elevator (the elevator that run up to the footbridge), the other one is further up. Sadly I dont have the portal numbers as they're named as Portal D and E in government documents now.

Thanks for that. They were likely portals 53 & 54, the next numbers in sequence.