1890s View along the Praya

Sun, 08/28/2016 - 10:13

For the story behind this photo, see: http://gwulo.com/node/34245

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Greetings.  I once had an opportunity to put on a worker's straw/wicker hat similar to what's shown here.  Notice these hats were well above the forehead.  The typical fashion hats we wear today have a liner and sweat band that wrap around the forehead tight to stay in place.  Inside these hats there is a round base made of wicker or similar material.  Too large this base it will cover the eyes, too small it won't wrap around the head tight, thus the reason for the elevated condition.  It gives the worker more visibility in the vertical.  It can be uncomfortable to wear because the rough edges press on the skin.  Pardon if this sounds tedious or uninteresting - memory of a rare event from way back.  Regards, Peter


Hi there,

There seemed to be at least two kinds of weaved hats in the photo. The two shown in the external link were made using Bamboo shards on the outside and Livistona leaves inside.  Both styles seemed to have a sturdy outer rim.  These hats could still be seen in the New Territories today and is popular among the dwindling number local farmers.  Might check them out next time when I see one.


You are welcome David and thanks tngan for the feedback and the link.  Life in those days for them was a struggle and I feel for the skinny man in the photo.  The tall young man looks handsome given his posture and the lighting/shadow on his face.  Who knows, one of them could be my great-great grandfather.  Regards, Peter