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Alfred BRYER [1873-1932]

c.1873-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (town, state): 
Quarndon, Derbyshire
Birthplace (country): 
c.1932-01-01 (Day is approximate)

1891 English Census - Architect's pupil


He appears on several Jurors Lists (we've only typed up til 1910 so far):

1898Architect's Assistant, Elliot Bungalow, Robinson Road
1899-1900Architect's Assistant,  4,  Praya Central, 
1901Architect, Leigh & Orange, 6, Des Voeux Road
1902not listed
1903-4Architect, Leigh & Orange, Beaconsfield Arcade
1905-7Architect, Leigh & Orange, 1, Des Voeux Road (From 1905 on he is listed as a Special Juror. In previous years he was listed as a Common Juror.)
1908Architect,  Leigh & Orange,  Tanderagee,  119B,  The Peak
1909-10Architect,  Leigh & Orange,  Prince‚Äôs Building

I've also cut the following information from the Tanderagee thread and moved it here:

Alfred Bryer

I am interested in learning more about Alfred Bryer, who was my grandmother's first cousin.  He was born in Quarndon, Derby and attended Trent College. Do you know anything more about him?

Alfred Bryer


He was an architect with Leigh and Orange. He built a house named Quarndon near the Peak Tram in 1902.


He designed Main Building of the University of Hong Kong, and St. Andrew's Church.

Public Records Office - Buildings on the Peak

When Rural Building Lot #1 on the Peak was subdivided he bought two lots and build Hilden (A. Bryer 1912), and The Bracket (Alfred Bryer - 1914-15).

Carl Smith Collection

has four cards, but you have to go there to see them.

1 ALFRED BRYER1930; 1913; 190385903 
2 ALFRED BRYER; LEIGH AND ORANGE1897 - 1908; 1910 - 191485905 
4 R.B.L. 115; PEAK ROAD; MR BRYER1903181777

Hong Kong Government Reports Online:

Appointed Hon. Secretary of the Church Body - 1907. [What's a Church Body?}

Appointed Visiting Justice to the Po Leung Kuk - 1908

Hong Kong Institute of Architects gives him a mention here


Clearly did very well for himself.  What do you know about him so far ?

re: Alfred Bryer

A search for "Bryer" in the local newspapers didn't return any matches.

You can find him in several of the Jurors Lists, but not all. He first appears in the 1898 list, and is on the lists for 1899 to 1907 with the exception of 1902. Do you know if he was away from Hong Kong that year?

Regards, David

PS He might be on later lists too, but 1907 is as far as we've got.

Alfred Bryer

Son of Alfred Bryer and Mary Hewitt Bryer, who was the daughter of Thomas Hewitt and Mary Thalia Eaton.  The Hewitt family was a well-to-do farming family in Derbyshire.  Alfred (Senior) became an apprentice farmer with his uncle John Bryer. When Alfred died in 1876 he left a sizeable estate, and his widow, Mary used the money to educate the children;  Mary, Sarah, Louisa, Alfred and Edward Trafford. In 1891 Alfred (age 18) was listed as an architect's pupil, living with his mother Mary and sister Louisa in Quarndon, Derby. Mary (the mother) died in 1907 and left an estate of 2894 pounds. In 1917 Mary, Alfred's oldest sister bought Oaklands, Vines Lane, Hildenborough, Kent, possibly on behalf of her brothers and sisters.  Louisa was a missionary in China for over 30 years and seems to have visited her brother Alfred from time to time.  She died at New Westminster, BC in 1958 where she lived with her brother Edward and his wife Carrie.

Also built Tanderagee.