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The modern building in the background looks familiar.  Does it also feature on the left of the next but one photograph?  Could it have been taken on Queen's Road East looking towards its junction with Hennessy Road?  (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1953


Hi There,

This should be Queen's Road East.  The photo may have shown the original Monmouth Path where a sign with an arrow is pointing to it.  Was that the Rodney Block at the back?


Probably the former Rodney Block. This photo may tie in with the Whitty Street tram photo.

Hi T and Moddsey,

I have just located Monmouth Path on Google Earth.  I had never heard of it before but it does tie in quite nicely with the area where I expected this photograph and the tram one to have been taken.  The building which you suggest was probably the Rodney Block reminds me of the area on the North side of Queens Road East, but checking on my own photogaphs of that area I see that by 1957/8 when I was there a huge block of police flats had been built, so my memory is probably at fault.  On which side of which street was the Rodney Block?

 Best wishes Andrew

Rodney Block was on the north side of QRE (today’s Queensway). It was west of the Police Married Quarters in Arsenal Yard. As mentioned here: , it appears that Rodney Block may have been the former Wellington Barracks in its previous guise as it housed the “golden clock”. Need to check on this later.

Thank you Moddsey.  It's good to know that my memory of over 60 years ago is stilll reasonably intact. What a pity I didn't choose to load cheaper black and white film into my camera and take many more photographs.  I guess that, then, I didn't understand historical perspective and just took so many interesting (now) buildings and places for granted.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Seeing your photograph '1950s Queensway' gives my memory quite a nudge and I can almost see my pals and I walking down that street.

Pals, by Andrew Suddaby

Mind you, I don't recall the tram tracks having that big bend in 1957/8.  I think that Rodney Block is on the extreme left of my 1957/8 photograph below. 

Police Flats and Rediffusion.
Police Flats and Rediffusion., by Andrew Suddaby

Best wishes, Andrew

Tadpole Ah Yuen is an unusual name. I'll keep an eye out for it appearing again.