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Children at Stanley Camp

Children at Stanley Camp

Annotated copy of photo showing children in Stanley Camp, taken shortly after liberation. If you can identify anyone in the photo, please let us know in the comments below. (Click "Zoom" and then click the "+" button to zoom in for a closer look.)

Row 1:

Row 2: 

Row 3:

Row 4:

Row 5:

Row 6: ???

Row 7: ???

Children who aren't in the photo:

  • George Cautherley checked the photo and says he isn't in it.

The original is held at the Imperial War Museum (IWM), their ref: A30550:

Little Children internees at Stanley Internment Camp joyfully greet the first contingents of the Royal Navy. Although undernourished and showing signs of the ordeal of existence under the Japanese, these children were remarkably fit. Everyone in the camp had contributed to keep the children healthy. Baby Gerald Ward, 13 months old and born in the camp, is in the front of the group.

The photo was taken on 31st August 1945 (see Tony Banham's comment below). The IWM caption just says "AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER 1945."

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 
Friday, August 31, 1945


5B - Peter Hall in beret and best friend 4E-Gerald Rose ( son of Harry Rose and and Eurasian mother Rachel Grace who died at Stanley) From "In The Web" page 65. Caption reads "taken by a member of HMS Swiftsure".  This photo was the basis of the upper portion of the Memorial Window at St. Stephen's Chapel, Stanley.

Memorial window
Memorial window, by David


Thanks Annelise, I hadn't made the connection between the photo and the stained window, so that's good to know. I've added the names above.

Regards, David

I recognise Annette Brown, bottom row, extreme left.

Thanks Barbara, I've added Annette's name at 2A.

Regards, David

We have another candidate for 2A. Robert Millar writes:

Just to confirm that we think that 2A is my sister Gill Woolley nee Millar. Gill and her husband Mo attended the reunion back in December and had a great time,

Where I was when the photo was taken, who knows - probably gallivanting off some where as I also missed another photo where we think Gill is seen with mum Doris!

Tony Banham has confirmed the date:

About the date, I can quote from my diary of 14 October 2012:

14 Today, Sunday, my wife and I and our younger son (who is almost 11) went to Stanley to meet Gerald Rose and his wife at St Stephen’s College. We visited the chapel, by permission of the ever-helpful Dean, where there is a stained glass window above the door. At the top of that window is a pane based on a photo taken at Stanley Camp on the last day of August 1945. Gerald told me how a naval photographer had arrived with Harcourt’s fleet and asked him to assemble the other kids on the steps for a photo. By chance a few days later that photographer saw Gerald again and gave him a copy of the photo that he still has. He is the little chap at top right with his fist clenched by his face. At that time he was exactly the same age as our younger son. 

I think 2A is my sister, Patricia Irene Braudé, as I have a photo of her in the same outfit and 2F is Jean Addis (née Martin) also in a similar outfit. I have a photo of them both together.

I have a couple more names for you.  

  • The second row, far left, 4A, girl looking sideways, is Maureen Forster (married, Coleman).  
  • Far right, 3D, is Brooke Himsworth (he attended the 2011 Reunion). 

I'm just guessing but the girl at 5c, next to Peter Hall, appears to resemble his sister Sheila who I remember from my KGV years. I also knew Peter very well during his HK Land years.