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Nadia SERAPHINA / STERLING [????-????]

Seraphina / Sterling

At the end of the war Mrs. Seraphina was forbidden by the doctor to accompany other members of her family to Australia (and thence to Scotland) because she was suffering from beri beri caused by Stanley Camp rations.

Dundee Courier, December 26, 1949, 4



The quarantine log for the SS Tamaroa shows that Nadia Seraphina did travel to Australia with the family. The whole family were in Freemantle, headed for Sydney from Singapore, on 10 October 1945. She did not, however, continue on to Scotland with William and two of the children, Billy and Vera, in 1949.

Nadia Seraphina (my grandmother) travelled with her family to Australia and eventually settled Central Coast of NSW with my step grandfather Leo Stirling.

She passed away 2nd October 1988.

William Seraphina (Bill) is my uncle and is currently residing in Brisbane Australia

Margret Seraphina (now Margaret Wyllie) my aunty resides in Kingswood NSW Australia

Vera Seraphina (now Vera Bell) my aunty resides in Tomakin NSW Australia

From Public Ancestry Tree

Australia Electoral Rolls

104 Wells Street Gosford New South Wales 1972

Leo Anthongy Stirling salesman

Nadia Stirling home duties