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I had dated this photo as 1930s, as it seemed to be in the same sequence as the so-called "View to Kowloon" from the collection of Leslie and Cicely Warren. If the "View to Kowloon" was clearly taken in the 1920s, then this shot which is also from the top of Broadwood Road, may be 1920s too. Grateful for any opinions about that. As this would be taken from 19 or 20 Broadwood Road, It's quite interesting to compare it with Nona Pio-Ulski's racecourse photo from a similar angle but from the later built, lower down the hill(?) 22 Broadwood Road, taken in 1962  http://gwulo.com/atom/20078 When Charles Warren died in 1923 and for some time afterwards, there were only 21 houses in Broadwood Road. By 1962 the original 19 and 20 seem to have been knocked down.





Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1930


A comparison view  of the northern end of the Happy Valley Racecourse is provided here The new stands of the Racecourse and its clocktower have been built. Not sure if there was a mention previously on gwulo of when the clocktower was completed. In the 1924 photo provided by David, one can see the excavation of Morrison Hill in progress and some foliage on top of the hill, Thus, your view to Kowloon photo that was sent it previously of Morrison Hill would have been from 1924/25. Regards.

I've added the Place for the permanent stands above. That shows a completion date of 1931, giving a 1930s date for this photo.

Regards, David

Very many thanks for providing this comparison Racecourse view, moddsey, and for your consequential dating of my earlier "View to Kowloon" photo. That is very helpful. In terms of the Warren family chronology, Leslie Warren and his wife, Cicely + his mother Hannah and brother, Arthur, aged 17, lived in The Towers for nearly a year after Charles Warren's death in June 1923. In May 1924 they held an auction of The Towers contents and put it and 21 Broadwood Road up for sale.  Leslie and Cicely then moved into "The Bungalow" next door and may have paid rent to their family friend, Rev Webb Anderson, who remained the rate payer. Hannah moved to Broadwood Terrace. (Thank you for finding this information too!) My father, Reggie Warren, aged only 14 returned from England in July 1924. I don't know what happened about his subsequent schooling. Photos show him with Arthur at no. 19 Broadwood Road, but letters back to their school give 98A Wanchai Road as their postal address. The Towers didn't reach its reserve price and remained empty. 1924-25 was a turbulent time for Leslie, aged only 24, settling into Hong Kong society with his new wife, catapulted into running CE Warren & Co Ltd,  and responsible for the welfare of his two younger brothers.


Many thanks, David. 1930s was complete guesswork on my part!