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Tram passing City Hall

Tram passing City Hall
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1904


Hi Joseph, nice photo!

This is where the tram line turns from Queensway onto Des Voeux Road:

  • City Hall on the left
  • Cricket Club building on the right
  • Supreme Court under construction in the background

Regards, David

Yes, thanks David!

I agree that's the turns at Jackson Road adjacent to Old City Hall (today's Old BOC Building). I wonder what the "East End" means.

Regards, Joseph

Going through Government Annual Reports from the 1890s, reference is made to the Town being divided into 3 districts:

a) Western Distict extending eastwards to the Harbour Office;

b) Central District extending eastwards to the City Hall and

c) the remainder of the Town forming the Eastern District

I reckon the "east end" indicated in the photo would be the eastern end of Central District.