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c.1932 View of Central, Sheung Wan & Harbour

c.1932 View of Central, Sheung Wan & Harbour

Near to the centre of the photo is the dark roof of the second-generation Central market, and beyond that is the fire station. We know that the fire station was completed in 1926, and the market was demolished in 1937, so the photo was taken between those dates.

Can anyone see other landmarks that give us a more accurate date for the photo?

Reference: A42

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1932


Amazing photo. You can also clearly see Queen's college: it's the big structure in the bottom left hand corner, and now the site of the former police married quarters. You can see how it was one of the largest buildings in Hong Kong at the time.

Gloucester Building (the one with the clocktower) was built in 1932. There appears  to be some work taking place on the southern side of the building.The photo date can be further narrowed down.

Moddsey, as well as the scaffolding on the south of the building, if you look at the clock tower closely I think we can see right through it. Then we can confirm the photo was taken while Gloucester Building was under construction, ie 1932 as you suggest.

I had the same impression about the clocktower.

1930s Gloucester Building Clocktower

The Central Police Station compound is very prominent, and Victoria Prison in front of it. On its left, the two long buildings would be the police quarters. The site is used for the same thing today, and the old wall is still there.

Thanks Pete, I've added it to the list of buildings in this photo. It looks a lot darker and more forbidding than the surrounding buildings. I wonder if that was by design!