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c1949 tramline

c1949 tramline

Rare view showing a high- and low-level tramline. Any idea on the location? Causeway Bay may be.



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1949


Causeway Road looking east. The buildings to the right of the tramline matches those in the photo below.

1950s Causeway Bay


I agree with Moddsey that the tramline is on Causeway Road.

Causeway Road in 1940s


It looks like a major construction project. Any ideas what they were building?

Regards, David

Hi David,

Reclamation may be as the Causeway Road located near the coast in the past.

Regards, Joseph

Interesting that the trams were at different levels.

The Government gave approval to double track the tramway line to Quarry Bay  in 1929 with works commencing in 1930. Plans were made at the same time to construct a 100 foot Road (future King's Road) to Quarry Bay.

The East Praya Reclamation final report mentions that many roads in the area had to be raised by at least 2 feet to accommodate new drains and that 5,000 feet of tram track had to be relaid.

Update: Sunday Herald 25 January 1948

For many years the road adjoining the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter has been subsiding. To prevent futher subsidence, the Public Works Department is constructing a cut-off wall within the typhoon shelter. At the same time the road, considered too narrow for present day conditions and much too low to avoid flooding in heavy rains, is being raised by about 4 feet and widened to approximately 100 feet.

China Mail 10 March 1949

Found the same photo that Edmund had posted, The road raising works were in connection with the Causeway Bay Reclamation. I surmise Joseph's photo is also from the same period.


I've updated the photo's date from c1930 to c1949.