Air photo of Wanchai Govt School 1949

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 00:57

This air-photo was taken in 1949 which shows the English Methodist Church at j/o Kennedy Road and Queen's Road East, and the Wanchai Govt School at j/o Kennedy Street and QRE.

Date picture taken


The air-photo taken in 1949 can be found in Maps Sales Office on 23rd floor of Jave Road Govt Offices Buildings, Lands Department HQ.  Public can purchase a copy if they so wish.

By overlapping two adjacent air-photos and viewing them with stereoscope provided free at the counter, one can actually see an 3-D Wanchai Govt School, the surrounding white short walls and the big banyan tree.  It is fantastic to see an upright WGS as in 1949.