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Happy Valley

Happy Valley

Many individual buildings can be identified. 

Fung Fai Terrace.  Current names and lot numbers:

Hong Kong Sanitorium

1 Fung Fai Terrace - IL 2586
2 Fung Fai Terrace - IL 2587

Fung Fai Court

3 Fung Fai Terrace - IL 2588
4 Fung Fai Terrace - IL 2589

Mayfair Court

5 Fung Fai Terrace - IL 2590

Beverly House

6 Fung Fai Terrace - IL 2591

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1950


Hi there,

If compared with the Happy Valley photos in the screen, the photo above is a bit later than the 1946 ones.


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Defintiely postwar. Probably early 1950s judging from the presence of the Link Road/Leighton Hill Government Quarters.

Very definitely post-war. Two further clues are the totalisator in the race course and the open nullah running down Village Road.

The first two blocks of the Link Road/Leighton Hill Government Quarters (north side) as seen in the photo were completed in 1948. (Source Legco Meeting 1 DEC 1948).

Due to the collapse of the air raid tunnels underneath the south side of the hill,  a third block could not be built as back filling of the tunnels was required.


I'll put a generic 1950s date on it.  Thanks

Yes. I think the tote was erected  in 1951 so the photo is post this year, and from memory the open nullah was decked sometime in 1956-58.

Anyone know what were those buildings before Fung Fai Court, Mayfair Court and Beverly House were erected in 3-6 of Fung Fai Terrace? Thank you.

Before the current buildings, there was a line of pairs of residential buildings, built to the same design. See https://gwulo.com/node/19733 and https://gwulo.com/node/19733/photos

Thanks Dave, I saw somewhere it says that area had been a school site/staff residence of Lingnan school sometime in the 1920s.