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Fung Fai Terrace [????- ]

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laid out in late 1910's: Basically, Nos. 16-17 Fung Fai Terrace (鳳輝臺) are identical in shape and they have remained as apartment houses for residential purposes until the present. The houses were probably built between 1919-1920 as part of the development of Happy Valley as a residential area. Fung Fai Terrace was originally a piece of farmland by the hillside and subsequently converted into a site for erecting apartment houses in the late 1910s. At that time houses had to be of European style and were not allowed to exceed 35 feet in height. also 23-24 still exist too... Nos. 23-24 Fung Fai Terrace (鳳輝臺) are two semi-detached houses which forms one building. The houses were probably built in the 1920s as part of the development of Happy Valley as a residential area.

Henry Ching writes:

The 1923 photo of flooding of Wong Nei Chong village shows, in the background, the buildings on the lower terrace of Fung Fai Toi.

Heavy Rainfall 28 August 1923

The buildings were in pairs.  From the right of the photo was the block containing Nos 1-2, then Nos 3-4, then Nos 5-6, then Nos 7-8.  Between Nos 4 and 5 was the passage way leading to the steps to the upper terrace that was built later.

We lived at 9, Village Road immediately opposite No.5 and the steps leading up to the lower terrace, and that is where I was born.

So we can update the AAB report to say that 16 & 17 were built in 1923 or later, as the upper terrace is still empty in this photo.

Looking at Google's street view, I see that half of one of the older lower-terrace buildings is still standing, number 2, Fung Fai Terrace:

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And the staircase, partially visible in the 1923 photo and opposite the house where Henry lived, is still here too:

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here's photos of 16-17 and 23-24. I can't seem to find any reference to no 2 on AAB website...