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Armstrong's Auction rooms & Victoria Hall [????-????]

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Armstrong's Auction rooms and other the Victoria Hall belonging to the late Mr. Dorabjee faced on Queen's Road and the Praya ( now Des Voeux Road  and the whole intervening Iength of Pottinger Street. And ye gods, the charges for a room and meals were from $2 a day and up and the menu was lengthy and first class. And en passant, the Hongkong Hotel charges were then not much higher; rooms from $2 and up, breakfast and tiffin 50 cents per meal and dinner ( about 22 courses or more ) 75 cents.

9 Queens Road Central/Galleria [1990- ]

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Completed by HK Land in 1990, sold to Chinese Consortium in 1992

Site was made up of of three buildings:

Holland House

Bank of Canton Building

Fu Building

Originally plan was to combine with Standard Chartered building for one large development but owners of Henley building site refused to sell.

Source: Hong Kong Land at 125


The Netherlands India Commercial Bank Building, 16 Des Voeux Rd C. [1906-c.1930]

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Site of of old Dent & Co 2nd Generation offices

In 1903 HK Land acquired the mortgage, which the company had extended to three local businessmen Poon Yan Chuen, Mak Yuen and Lo Man in 1890, to the centre portion of Dent & Co’s old offices


Completed new building by 1906

Architect was Palmer & Turner, last major building by Clement Palmer before retirement in 1907


Property sold to Chung Yuet Hing in 1921 for HKD742,000 who sold it to HSBC in 1924.