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Photos tagged "swimming"

1907 Soldiers swimming

1910s Launch Party

Beach for Europeans/Bungalow by the sea

Cooling off

Beach photo.JPG

Knitted swimsuits(2).JPG


Bathing Beach. New Territories in background.

Repulse Bay Lido-swimming platform-'Lady Lido'

Repulse Bay hotel-swiming platform-the 'Lady Lido'

1940s Middle Bay

1950s Shek O Beach Huts

At Repulse Bay

1950s Repulse Bay Beach

RAF Sek Kong swimming pool

RAF Sek Kong swimming pool

1959 Victoria Park Swimming Pool

At the USRC Kowloon - Aug 1959

1960s Lai Chi Kok beach

RAF Kai Tak new swimming pool 1963

1960s Victoria Park Swimming Pool

RAF Kai Tak swimming pool 1971

Swimming club
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