1959 Victoria Park Swimming Pool

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:24
Date picture taken


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I believe the South China Sports Association Stadium was also visible in the photo.  It should be the structure right behind the low buildings next to the Army Creation Ground.  I will double check the arial photo book when I am home tonight.

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the date of the swimming pool photo taken cant be jan.  i lived very close to the pool and i knew that the water in the pool in winter got drained.  then hong kong in jan is very close and nobody will go swimming.  that's why the date cant be jan 1959.



Noted the previous comments. Unless one has taken  the actual photograph, the date of the photo will not be easily known. On this site when such old photographs and postcards have been given a date, they are normally dated to the nearest year and thus 1 January of that same year is entered for reference.