RAF Sek Kong swimming pool

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 21:36

RAF Sek Kong swimming pool in the late 1950s. IDJ

Date picture taken


I think the Swimming Pool is at RAF Sek Kong. I came across this video which  shows the swimming pool at 2: 42 from the beginning.  After looking at the video footage, the photo may require to be horizontally flipped.

Well spotted !!

I agree it is reversed.

I hope David can flip it as I cannot see how to.

Looking at the letter that came with the original slide the contributor did claim it to be at Kai Tak

This photo of sek kong swimming pool brings back memories - I have a pic of me and 2 brother in the fountain paddling pool. If we werent here we would go down to Sheko beach on a Sunday. About 6 years ago we went back to Hong Kong and visited Sheko Beach, I could not believe its hardly changed at all.

  My dad  was called  Tommy ( dinger ) Bell and worked on the Aircraft at Sek Kong and Kai Tak. This was around 53 to 56.

  Anyone  remember him? I will look out some photos and upload them