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Caine / Arbuthnot Mansion [c.1845-c.1925]

Submitted by Herostratus on Fri, 11/18/2022 - 10:26

The original house on this site. - Possibly 2 semi detached houses. Do not know the name or number.

Western half was demolished to build a terrace of 4 building, 7,9,11 & 13 Arbuthnot Road in the 1880s. Eastern half was demolished to build a mansion for Mr Choy Cheong (Source) of the Sincere company in the early 20th Century (1920s?)

I found one reference saying it was owned by Brazilian/Portuguese Royalty but its not clear if this was the house they were referring to. 

Some owners of Caine Road houses 1904-1907

Submitted by jill on Fri, 08/26/2022 - 06:10

Some years ago I posted a list of the "Ladies" of Caine Road during 1904-1906 from the Ladies Directory. The list doesn't necessarily correspond to the owners listed in the Rate Books. During my trawls of the Rate Books I noted five of the owners of the houses in Caine Road during the same period. I list them below in case the information is useful to someone:

Rt. Rev Piazzoli owned nos. 2-8;

E.R. Belilos owned no. 27;

John Howell May (Shanghai Harbour Master) owned nos. 33 and 35;

Su Yuk Kwan owned no. 39;

John Howell MAY [c.1836-1919]

Submitted by jill on Wed, 08/24/2022 - 21:05

John Howell May died at 33 Caine Road in 1919 aged 83. The Rate Books also give him as the owner of the house during the first decade of the century when my great-grandfather, John Olson and his family were living there. He retired and returned to Hong Kong in 1911, the year that John Olson and his wife moved to 98a Wanchai Road, purchased by C.E. Warren & Co. the same date. John May joined the Chinese Imperial Customs in 1860 and subsequently became Harbour Master of Shanghai. May also bought nos.

Buxley Lodge (2nd Generation) [c.1876-c.1930]

Submitted by Herostratus on Mon, 08/22/2016 - 14:28

Due to the damage in Macao after the Typhoon in 1874 many Portuguese families sought shelter in Hong Kong. This increased the demand for school places so Brother Hidulphe-Marie leader of the La Salle Brothers 1875-79  decided that no more Chinese students would be accepted into St. Saviour School on Pottinger Street. This decree upset Raimondi so he bought a spacious house called Buxley Lodge at No 9. Caine Road (today 21) for $14,00 in June 1876. In 1878 a class for 30 Chinese boys was opened under Brother Adolphus