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Military road building in the New Territories

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The actual location may still be identifiable by the raised 'pimple' on the far hillside

Military Bungalows [????-????]

No 139 on the 1912 Map

Sunderland Road RAF Married Quarters-Kowloon Tong

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A noisy place in which to live!!!

RNCWS at Port Island [????- ]

The remains of a Royal Navy Coastal Watch Station can be found on Port Island. Amongst others the remains of a pier, a mostly complete concrete path leading from there up the hill, a small concrete water tank and a concrete platform are still there.

Part of the path is seriously overgrown, the end of the path is so overgrown it can not be found. Most of the path is in fairly good condition but sections have been destroyed by nature.

Perowne Barracks [1963- ]

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The place mark is an approximation of the entrance, based on the Wiki entry, saying Perowne Barracks was on the other side of Castle Peak Road, opposite Gordon Hard.  It's present day location is occupied by the Immigration Training Acadamy as well as the construction site of the Chu Hai Collage, a football field up in the hill, and some re-developments there.

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Gordon Hard [????- ]


Walked from Gold Coast Beach through Castle Peak Beach earlier today and found the buildings of Gordon Hard more or less intact, right on Old Cafeteria Beach.

There is a ramp going down to the beach.  Two giant cast iron rings are found on each side of the ramp, like those on Mount Davis.  Maybe the military used those the haul heavy equipment to and from the water back then?

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