Military road building in the New Territories

Mon, 08/16/2021 - 01:52

The actual location may still be identifiable by the raised 'pimple' on the far hillside

Date picture taken
15 Oct 1949


this is the famous Kwun Yam Shan. I'm sure one of the former soldiers who has posted on Gwulo said he and his fellow soldiers called it "Betty Grable's nipple" :)

From the angle this looks like the Lam Tsuen valley looking southwest towards the gap that leads into Pat Heung, which would mean this is most likely Lam Kam Road.

My thanks Phil for your reply. I know that 54 Fld Sdn RE were at Fanling around '49 onwards which made me think that was the start of TWSK. Was it not 54 that built TWISK with their plant troop?.

Followed-up on the construction of the road in the main photo. 

"The Lam Tsuen valley road, began in 1949, was completed during the year and provides a direct link between Taipo and Kam Tin via Sek Kong. Another new road through the hills from Sek Kong to Fanling was well advanced at the end of the year and work had started on a third from Tsun Wan to Sek Kong. "

Hong Kong Annual Report 1950 refers

This Google Streetview shows the same skyline, confirming Phil's ID that the old photo shows today's Lam Kam Road (called 'Lam Tsuen valley road' in the clipping Moddsey found):