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Perowne Barracks [1963- ]

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The place mark is an approximation of the entrance, based on the Wiki entry, saying Perowne Barracks was on the other side of Castle Peak Road, opposite Gordon Hard.  It's present day location is occupied by the Immigration Training Acadamy as well as the construction site of the Chu Hai Collage, a football field up in the hill, and some re-developments there.

From Street View you should be able to see the old entrance but that's it.  Google Earth seem to be still showing some older buildings an the Immigration Acadamy.

The wiki entry also mentioned the Tuen Mun Highway bisected the compound.  The site was pretty big.  Part of it is now being used by the Crossroads International.  It would seem Crossroads had kept one of the guard post at their end of the entrance for their own use, as seen from Street View.  Some old wire fance, and some old buildings seemed to be intact.  Look it up on a Map and you should see how far it goes.

We need an old map to find out its previous boundary.

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Hi Thomas, I've moved the marker a bit to the right, to roughly the centre of the old barracks area.

I visited Crossroads a few times a couple of years back. Their site south of the highway occupies the old barracks buildings. Previously it had been used by the Gurkhas, and you'd see old signs written in nepalese.

There was a road running under the highway and into the northern section of the barracks. The old Gymnasium was up in that section. Crossroads used it as a wharehouse for storage. That northern section has since been re-developed, and now it's the site of Harrow's new school in Hong Kong.

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PS It's called "Perowne Camp" on a 1979 map, "Hong Kong Streets & Places".

I've added the completion date from the details of the camp's opening. That source says the camp inherited the old "golden clock" from the Welington Barracks.

Hi guys, 

My grandfather used to work at this barracks in the 60s as a chef for the British officers. Does anybody know if I could find my more records about this place? I want to try my luck and find more information about my grandpa during his tenure there. 

A testimonial by Captian D. M/. Roberts

Photos of my grandpa and his colleagues: 

Any advice would be helpful! 

Thank you guys!! :)


The letterhead shows that Captain Roberts was with the "?? Gurkha Independent Field Squadron", and "RE" in his signature shows he was with the Royal Engineers. That might turn up some more information.

Are there any records in particular you are looking for?

I was in Royal Engineers for my National Service 1958/60. I was at tai Lam Barracks, which is where Perone Barracks was built. I left HK in July '60 at the end of my 'tour'. Perone was built a while after I left but the site is now occupied by Crossroads International, I think that is the title. It appears to be some kind of charity organisation. The entrance is from the old road, nearer to the sea than the new dual carriage road. The unit I was in was 54 Independent Squadron RE. There is a place called Silk Road Cafe on site, which appears to be where our OR's Mess used to be.

I don't know if this is of any help to you but I hope so.

A massive thank you for the precious information! I found another thread about Royal Engineers HQ in HK 1955 here:

Thank you once again. Uncovering family history is really cool - especially with the power of the internet! 

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Thank you David! After reading Teejay's comment, I'm just all over the moon now.

I found this letter in a very old photo album of his while I was cleaning up the house. I only know my grandpa used to work as a cook here as well as in Sham Shui Po Barracks. Back in my childhood days, he used to bake all sorts of cakes, pastries, curries and spaghetti au gratin (with loads of butter haha) and occasionally cook us full English breakfast on the weekends as a treat. 

Thank you for your help! I'm checking other threads here hoping that more information might turn up at some point! 

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I believe Dunrose, the official residence of the District Officer in the 50s, where I lived as a toddler, was flanked by the Perowne Barracks.  The address was referred to as the 18 & half mile..., the mile stone being nearby.  I believe the short driveway to Dunrose from Castle Peak Road was right opposite the Gold Coast Resort Hotel of today.  Our neighbours, Catholic Army Officers, used to attend Holy Mass at our dinning room on Sundays.  Mass celebrated by Army Chaplain Fr. McAssey SJ who arrived in a jeep.



Thanks Trent, I'm glad it was of some help to you. After I posted my reply I realised that I did not mention that we were designated as a part of 

48 Independent Gurkha Brigade. Maybe that is the 'mysterious' number missing from the top of your letter.