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Submitted by tngan on Fri, 11/30/2012 - 01:10
Current condition


Walked from Gold Coast Beach through Castle Peak Beach earlier today and found the buildings of Gordon Hard more or less intact, right on Old Cafeteria Beach.

There is a ramp going down to the beach.  Two giant cast iron rings are found on each side of the ramp, like those on Mount Davis.  Maybe the military used those the haul heavy equipment to and from the water back then?

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Photos that show this Place



The Hard was used in the 80s and 90s for small boat operations, particularly anti-illegal immigration ops,  by the Gurkha Transport Regiment. Rigid inflatables and raiding craft entered, and were recovered from, the water by way of the ramp.  

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I was on a bus going along the area south bound earlier and found the site was all boarded up.  All buildings between Castle Peak Road and the beach are demolished.  I was looking only towards the beach side thus was unable to see if the Watervale House was also boarded up.  But there was a document from the Tuen Mun District Board about seeking opinion of re-purposing the grade-2 Watervale House of sort back in August 2016.  Don't know if there had been any updates.

The ramp might still be on the beach though.  Might go and take a look sometime later.


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Walked by the beach last week.  It's all gone now, maybe except for the perimeter fence, a fire hose on the beach side, and the ramp with a big iron ring (like those in Mount Davis) and a concrete hut at the end of the ramp.


Would appreciate very much any photos of this area as I serve with 56 Fld Sqn RE, 24 Fld Engr Regt RE HQ, and 54 Ind Fld Sqn RE in the mid later end of the 50s. I have found quite a number on the internet, I am researching the regiment and its term stationed at Tai Lam. I have a large number of photos of 56 sqn in and around 1956 some of which I have downloaded some on Gwelo. Many thanks for any help that can be given. Bill.

56 Field Squadron was across the road from Gordon Hard part of the 24 Field Engineer Regiment Royal Engineers.  There was also 54 Field Squadron down the road at Tai Lam, their camp housed 24 RHQ.  Also, 15 Field Park Squadron Royal Engineers made up the whole regiment.