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Josiah Logan ADAMS [1889-1965]

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Passenger List 1933 Liverpool to Hong Kong

Josiah Logan Adams 43 civil engineer [25 April 1889 26 March 1965 Toronto Ancestry Tree]

Gladys Dewhurst Adams 40

Passenger List 1938 Liverpool to Hong Kong

Josiah L Adams 49 Civil Engineer Butterfield and Swire 

Gladys D Adams 45 houswife [ died 1955 Wirral Cheshire] 

Jurors List

Josiah Logan Adams Civil Engineer

UK Residents 1941 - 1945

Adams, J.L. 53, Civil Engineer, No 350 LRTP

Charles BOND [c.1841-1891]

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Charles Bond was a French Canadian who came to Hong Kong on a sailing ship in 1869 and joined the police in 1870, acting as French interpreter. He  commuted his pension on retiring in 1880. At the age of 33 he married Anna Maria Reed, widow of Robert Reed. They had one daughter, Margaret Annie Bond, who lived to the age of 92. Charles Bond was apparently a widely known and popular personality in Hong Kong, a steward of the Hong Kong Club and an agent for Chiarini's Circus when they visited the Colony. He also seems to have been manager of the Shameen Hotel in Canton.

Yvonne GERIN (aka Sister Therese de l’Infant Jesus) [1897-1960]

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Her obituary was reported in the Catholic Examiner:

Sister Therese-de-l’Infant-Jesus of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (Yvonne Gerin of Coaticook, Quebec, Canada), died of a heart attack in St. Teresa’s Hospital, Kowloon, on Wednesday, 21 December 1960, aged 63, having spent 43 years in Religious life and 21 years in the missions.