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Stokers-HMS Kent-China Station-1934-1936

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Early posts discussed Royal Navy ‘stokers’ shovelling coal into boilers down in the engine rooms.

HMS KENT was a cruiser and Flagship of the China Station and a frequent visitor to Hong Kong.

Published by YE OLDE PRINTERIE LTD, Hong Kong, “An Illustrated record of her commission as flag ship of the China Station,” is a detailed diary of the cruises she undertook during 1934-36.

The book lists all the crew members of which approximately 160 are listed as ‘Stokers,’ these include various ranks of stoker. The total crew numbered 770

HMS Berwick at Hong Kong Harbour 1933

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Tidal basin 1962

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From Wikipedia: By Chingleung - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15982107

Photo taken between 1961 and 1963. 

HMS ARGUS-Aircraft Carrier-China Cruise-1927-1928.jpg

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HMS Argus served in the Royal Navy from 1918 to 1944. She was converted from the ocean liner, Conte Rosso, laid down in 1914 by William Beardmore and Company in Dalmuir, Scotland, that was under construction when the First World War began. 

Naval Dockyard Street Names

Going over a 1957 Naval dockyard map I found the following street names.  They seem to be all named after a Royal Navy ship, although I can only find a Narcissus not Marcissus


Marcissus Road

Princess Charlotte Road

Swift Road

Charybdis Road

Glory Road

Tamar Road

Ocean Road

Imperieuse Road

Prince Royal Road

Vengeance Road

Rodney Road

Centurion Road

Victor Emmanuel Road

Audacious Road

Leander Road

Astera Road

Andromeda Road

An account of Hong Kong leading up to the Japanese invasion in 1941

"A Voyage to War: An Englishmans's Account of Hong Kong 1936-41" by Hugh Dulley

A brief description of the book:-

Hugh Dulley’s father (Peter Dulley) and mother (Therese Sander) met in Hong Kong on New Year’s Eve 1935. Four years later at the outbreak of war, Peter, a weekend sailor, was called up in the Hong Kong Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. He eventually graduated to command an ocean-going tug of 500 tons from Hong Kong to Aden. En route he called at islands still enjoying pre-war peacetime and navigated across the Indian Ocean using a sextant.

Royal Navy Scimitar on typical Hong Kong aircraft carrier

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Being transported to Kai Tak and HAECO for maintenance

actual date of image not known at present

Naval & merchant shipping review-1930s

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Coincidently with Moddey's recent East Praya reclamation shipping image http://gwulo.com/atom/23378

The latest issue of  the UK magazine Ships Monthy has a similar but later image in which it asked readers to identify the vessels. The waterfront building is complete instead of a steel construction skeleton.

The article is best inspected using the 'Full View' button 


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China Mail, front page story, Jan 23 1934

Douglas Ewan GILLESPIE [c.1922-1934]

Douglas Ewan
c.1922-01-01 (Year is approximate)
Cause of death: 

Was a sub-lieutenant on HMS Verity, was found shot dead in his cabin.



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