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Naval Dockyard Street Names

Going over a 1957 Naval dockyard map I found the following street names.  They seem to be all named after a Royal Navy ship, although I can only find a Narcissus not Marcissus


Marcissus Road

Princess Charlotte Road

Swift Road

Charybdis Road

Glory Road

Tamar Road

Ocean Road

Imperieuse Road

Prince Royal Road

Vengeance Road

Rodney Road

Centurion Road

Victor Emmanuel Road

Audacious Road

Leander Road

Astera Road

Andromeda Road

Sutlej Road

Alacrity Road

Crafton Road

Champion Road

Newcastle Road

Triumph Road

Albany Road


Hi Herostratus, I have seen detailed maps but they do not include street names. Can you please let me know the source of the map? Thank you.

It is from the Crown Survey series of the 1950's Below is the section covering the dockyard, click on it for a zoomable version. 

Dockyard 1950s upload.jpg
Dockyard 1950s upload.jpg, by Crown Lands & Survey Office