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Everything tagged "typhoon"

1957 Typhoon Gloria

Notes from HK Observatory:

Typhoon Gloria in September moved first to the west-northwest, and then turned northward to cross the coast close to the west of Macau. The Royal Observatory recorded twelve hours of strong winds, fourteen hours of gales, and one hour when winds were mainly hurricane strength with a gust of 101 knots. At Waglan, winds of gale force or higher lasted twenty-one hours with a peak gust of 100 knots. 

Barometer Card from the Dutch Club showing typhoon Nr. 5 in 1923

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Card from the barometer in the Dutch Club (Hollandsche Club) of Hong Kong for the period 13 through 20 August 1923 showing the depressure on Saturday August 18th. Written reference on the card (in Dutch) to hurricane power ('orkaankracht')  and that the hurricane's centre passed some 10 miles south of the observatory.


Hi my parents were in HK in the mid 50s and my sibling has a vague memory that they, or my mother particularly, may have received an award for helping out in her local area during a typhoon. It is an imperfect memory and we could not find anything among their effects, later, that corroborated the memory. Does anyone know where I might find any info about such things?

"1926 - Nullah swept away"

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For more information about this photo, please see: https://gwulo.com/node/38807

Typhoon November 9th-10th 1900

1937 Typhoon damage

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1960 Middle Road Car Park (Open Air)

Flooding caused by Typhoon Mary,  Site of today's Sheraton Hotel

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