1972 View from Stubbs Road

Fri, 03/25/2016 - 09:02
Date picture taken


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The photo also showed:

  1. New reclamation in Wanchai together with Wanchai Pier;
  2. St. Joseph Primary Schoom at Queen's Road East (still there today);
  3. TWGH Li Chi Ho Primary School with Centenary Square Garden;
  4. St. Margaret's College at Shiu Fai Terrace (the white building just before Wah Yan Colleage from the view).  Now Raimondi Colleage Primary Section;
  5. Pun-U Wah Yan Primary School at Shiu Fai Terrace (the building just before St. Margaret's Colleage);
  6. Morrison Hill Technical College;
  7. SKH Tang Shiu King Secondary School at Morrison Hill (with an odd shape hall);
  8. Sikh Temple at Queen's Road East;
  9. The building of the 'Hong Kong Technical Teacher's College' later in 1974;
  10. The construction site of the Excelsior Hotel still in the upper right, soon to be inaugurated in 1973;
  11. Cross Harbour Tunnel.  The HK side portal looked like still under construction;