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R. E. Jones Wartime diary: View pages

Canton and Sha Tau Kok bombed?

C. K. Shek warned Kowloon Chinese to leave in ten days as he was going to bomb the place?

Air raid practice in town.

Drizzly all day.

Walked around camp with Steve.

Lovely evening.

More rumours re Chinese bombings. Nothing confirmed & Italian peace rumour denied.

Dull & raining.

Jap warships anchored in the Bay.

Chinese capture Canton?

Many Jap wounded arrive?

Cookhouse all day.


Italian negotiations still going on & some warships of theirs surrendered at Alexandria.

Three German towns wiped out & three Jap towns bombed. Japs protest to Russians re allowing USA to use Vladivostock as airbase, Russians reply “Come & stop them”.

Jap games (?) in Burma cost them severe losses in men etc.

20,000 French come over to British in Madagascar.

B.E.F. hold a line in France. Vichy French attack their rear.

Japs lost 2 Aircraft C’s, 17 transports, 1 s/m, 16 planes 2 Heavy & 1 Light cruiser & other vessels in Coral Sea. Their paper reports our losses, “2 Battleships, 1 Aircraft C, 1 cruiser & 1 Battleship damaged.

Italy finished?

11oz flour. 1 egg. $75 goods being ordered.

Dull & chilly.


Indifferent food today.

Hill’s kids a nuisance.

((Barbara Anslow: The 'Hills kids'would be Pauline and Eileen Hill, aged then about 9 and 8 years.))

Fine day.

Nothing authentic re Churchill’s speech yet.

Sir A. Mc. gave a talk on “Wild Life in Africa” & hinted about the British lion doing its’ stuff shortly. He knows the substance of Churchill’s speech perhaps & told us that to buck us up.


Cookhouse all day.

Putting on weight.

News so confusing that it isn’t worth recording yet.

El. supply failed again.

Coral Sea Battle still in progress 600 mls from original position & much in our favour. Burma situation not so good for us.


El. supply OK 3PM.

No good news.

More rain.

No fresh news worthy of note.

Evening walk.

16oz flour per head issued. New Cookhouse opened.

News still centres around the Jap Fleet’s defeat & Churchill’s comments & threats to Japan.

New Cookhouse very hot to work in & dirty too.

Warm & dry.

My soup commended today.

Very hot & sticky in the new kitchen.

1 slice of sour bread issued & sugar.

No new reliable news.

Fine hot day.

Both feet swollen.

More sour bread.

Flies & mosquitoes on the increase.

Still no news.

Chinese & Indian Police to be dis-armed?

Rained, cooler.

Poor food. 11oz Flour & 3oz sour bread issued.

Saw Dr. re feet. Bed & Vit. B1.

75% Jap force in Coral Sea affair lost.

Italy in trouble with herself Rex v Fascists.

Rained all day

Wrote short note to Marj & it will go with the repatriated people next month.

Feet much improved.

5oz flour issued.


Germans retiring on Russian front & their rear threatened in Kercharee(?). Sabotage in enemy occupied countries in Europe & Germany itself.

Results of Coral Sea battle still confused. 33, 67, 100, + 29 are the numbers of units lost by the Japs that have been given to us since the battle began.

Fair day.

40 cigs for 80cts issued.

Communal meeting & Auction sale held.

USA bombed Shanghai & Tientsin?

Guerilla warfare in New Territories.

King of Italy in London.

Chinese in HK turned cannibals due to lack of food?

USA launch 1 war vessel per week.

Two oil tankers blown up in HK harbour?

Nothing new in the news. $17.50 issued to all internees.

Cookhouse all day.


Heard the complete review of the BBC news & it is all very heartening. ((Someone inside or outside of camp has a radio and is listening to the BBC.))