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R. E. Jones Wartime diary: View pages

Arrived Gib 8.45. Underway again 9am. Smooth swell running. Rounded C. st. Vincent 9.20am. 

C. da Roca abeam 7am. Swell upsetting some. C. Finisterre abeam 8.30pm.

Overcast, bright intervals. Wind gale force.

SW. Mess flooded out early am due to ports on D. not being secured tight.

SW strong wind.

A/c round Holyhead. 7.30pm. Anchored 8.30pm.

At anchor all day due to bad weather. Very disappointing.

“Reina de Pacifico” & “Antenor”  anchored close by.


Arrived Liverpool 2pm and made fast 4pm. Welcomed by Mayor & Navy & Army Officials.

Landing routine completed by 7pm. Am already now to go.

Letter from M & Dad.

((And that's the last entry in his diary.

What a cliffhanger! How was the reunion with his wife and daughter, Marj and Rae? Did he settle back into married life, or start again with G?

We pick up the story again in 2013, when Rae, R E Jones's daughter got in touch. You can read about it at: http://gwulo.com/node/16148))