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R. E. Jones Wartime diary: View pages

No news & all quiet. Where will the Japs go next I wonder, Australia?

Have resigned myself to a longer wait & refuse to let our so called news influence me.

Made some XX

All quiet, nothing doing. Finished my shoes. Bit of sunbathing.

Roosevelt speaks of bombing Japan & of a combined USA & British E.F. landing on the Continent.

33% Jap Navy & 60% convoys lost. 2 ½ ton bombs on Germany.


Cookhouse routine more stringent re food.

Rotten weather.

Cookhouse all day.

Parcels arriving OK.

Rain & wind. Quiet day.

More rain.

No news.

Put in request for Club funds $3,500.

Quiet walk around camp boundary with Steve. ((We think this was E. J. Stevens - see notes below))

More news re Russian progress & Stalin’s affirmation of war ending in Autumn.

Fine but dull.

Kitchen staff pm short for rations.

Allies landed at Murmansk, Japan bombed?

Cookhouse all day.


News pretty good: Nagasaki bombed, 8 ships sunk. Aircraft carrier sunk by US s/m. Japs falling back in Burma 1,500 pris. captured by Indian troops.

German Army authorities in charge of German affairs due to defection of German troops. Towns in Italy & Germany bombed.

Marvin off the handle.

Quiet day passed reading & a little study. Campitis evident. Change is the only cure.

11ozs flour issued.

Japan broadcast an appeal to the USA against indiscriminate bombing & 1000 planes bombed Germany?

Sticky day.

All news very good & if true should shorten our stay here quite a lot.

Cookhouse all day.

Rained, sticky.

Rained off & on all day.

Riots in Italy? Potsdam & Salzburg bombed. Churchill says “No need to repatriate Britons in Far East as they will soon be taking over again. (“Cannot enter into negotiations re repatriation because events are moving too fast”)

More rain.

1 ½ duck eggs issued. Fish & meat bad.

Jap. Fleet re-called from Ind. Ocean.

Landing of Allied Force in France confirmed. Stalin says he can clear up the war in Eur. in 6 weeks.

Local conditions very poor for Chinese. Many bodies found daily due to starvation.

Dull & showery.

New Guinea (?) evacuated by Japs in which they lost transports & cruisers.

British lines joined in France & Aberville captured. Russians making headway.

Jap Emperors birthday. Hope he gets a few 500lb presents.

Cookhouse all day.

Germans throwing down their arms on the Russian Front?


America promised something good for Independence Day. What?

1lb flour issued.

King Victor Emanuel taken over Govt of Italy. More allied troops landed in Belgium.

Fine day.

Dance at St Stephens.

Jap casualties arriving by launch.


Belgians interned. Why?

Japs captured Mandalay.

3 Jap Cruisers & 2 Destroyers sunk in Behring Sea.

Armoured Divs landed in Belgium & have captured Liege. Churchill asked French people for their co-operation with our troops.

Italian delegates at Gib.

Sent telegram to Marj.

Cookhouse all day.