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Edgehill [????- ]

Elizabeth Ride describes living here between 1935-1940. She remembers the building was named 'Edgehill', one word, and believes it was built in the 1920s. At that time the address was "12, The Peak".

There may have been more than one generation of the building as site preparation work is underway in this c.1900 photo. And the Jurors lists for 1909 and 1912 both have this entry:

cSilasDavid HaiAssistantD. Sassoon & Co. Ld. Edgehill6a The Peak

But this 1909 map of the Peak doesn't show any sign of 'Edgehill' or '6a'. On that map, number 6 is Bishop's Lodge, so if we assume 6a was close to Bishop's Lodge, that puts it in the same location as the Elizabeth's building.

There's another entry in the 1919 Peak Directory, but it's a different address again:

1919ArthurCapt.T. Edge Hill10 The Peak

Then this 1924 map shows a building in the right place. The street numbering has changed, and the plot (RBL 130) is now named "Edge Hill", at number 12, The Peak.

This photo shows a flat empty area where Elizabeth's building will stand. Is it the site where an earlier building had been demolished? Elizabeth points out the '1937' date for this photo is wrong, as the house she lived in was standing then. It's not clear if it was taken before or after the 1924 map was drawn.

Further research needed!

Regards, David

Photos that show this place


A search for '130' on HKGRO finds details of the initial auction of 'Rural Building Lot 130, adjoining Rural building lot 61, Peak'. The auction was held on 14 Sep 1908, and is listed as item 603 in the 28 Aug 1908 issue of the Government Gazette.